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At her core, Ms. Brown's passion for science is a product of her deep interest in how the world works. When she teaches, one is immediately aware that she is equally passionate about sparking that same fire of curiosity in her students. Whether they are dissecting squid, cataloging various arthropods, or singing songs to memorize the bones of the human body, Ms. Brown is the life in sixth grade Life Science.

Boys' Latin Faculty

Some teachers know their stuff. Our teachers really know their stuff, with more than half boasting advanced degrees. Even more, our faculty teaches with a joy that's so genuine that a joy of learning can't help but follow.

As varied as their life experiences are, our teachers all share in common an expertise in teaching boys. Because learning is viewed as a shared endeavor between teacher and student at Boys' Latin, our teachers are adept at meeting boys' distinctive needs, encouraging help-seeking while setting up carefully calibrated challenges.

All our teachers are also high achievers. We count among our faculty a Baltimore County Chamber of Commerce nominee for "Excellence in Teaching," a recipient of the Outstanding Educator Award from the University of Maryland, an American Association of Science and Technology Centers Teacher of the Year, and many more.

But these external validations are not what matter most, rather it's the indelible impact our teachers have on our students.

Given the chance, every one of our boys would eagerly talk about how their teachers take the extra time and make the extra effort to help them. How teachers reach out to them, get to know them personally, and are always available when they need them to be. How teachers inspire them to strive to be better and reach higher in achieving a true excellence they define for themselves.

Recognizing that our teachers model what it means to be lifelong learners, Boys' Latin ensures professional development opportunities for our teachers through grants, conferences and workshops. This enables our faculty to further their expertise in their individual discipline as well as the education and development of boys.

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Our teachers are adept at meeting boys' distinctive needs, encouraging help-seeking while setting up carefully calibrated challenges.

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The Boys' Latin School of Maryland is the state's oldest independent, non-sectarian all-boys school. For students in kindergarten through 12th grade, we provide a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum that focuses on building 21st century skills and empowers each boy to achieve his true excellence.