Boys' Latin Athletics


At Boys' Latin, we inspire our student-athletes to be tenacious competitors. But we also consistently model the idea that true excellence requires an appreciation for teamwork and the values of good sportsmanship. The result? Students like Luke Shilling, a stellar lacrosse player who also received rave reviews as the lead in the school play and earned the Legacy Award for his work with the One Laker | One Love Club. A 2017 graduate, he's headed to Johns Hopkins University in the fall.

From the Director of Athletics

As the Director of Athletics at Boys' Latin, I firmly believe that sports and competition are important building blocks in a young man's development - as are forming good habits around exercise and physical activity to ensure lifelong health and fitness.

That's why we strive to integrate physical education and sports during the academic day and school year. The character building expected in all divisions of the school is reinforced on the athletic field.

Boys' Latin has a proud tradition of championship athletics, led by great coaches and tremendously hard-working athletes. Indeed, to earn and wear a Boys' Latin jersey is a special thing. The proud Laker spirit is alive and palpable on our community and school. I invite you to come to a game to experience it.

Michael Thomas '87, Athletics Director

Physical Education Programs

The physical education curriculum offers the opportunity for all our students to be active, have fun, and develop fundamental skills that lead to a healthy and physically-active life.

Our teachers provide experiences designed to develop a boy's physical well-being while supporting their emotional, mental, and social growth.

Our programs foster the development of a healthy fitness level, cooperative play, as well as a general concern and respect for others. In addition to games and creative play, our students are introduced to a variety of sports and taught basic skills.

Our students are introduced to a variety of sports and taught basic skills.

Conditioning and Training

We are committed to providing our student-athletes with science-based programming that leads to optimal sports performance. We want every student-athlete to be fully prepared for their athletic season here and at their next level of play.

Our programs are run by CSCS members and personal trainers with focus on good nutrition and functional movement. Speed, agility and conditioning programs are tailored to the needs of each student and his goals. We also emphasize the prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of sports related injuries. Boys' Latin has two, certified, full-time athletic trainers to monitor, evaluate, and rehabilitate injured athletes. Coach Kury and Coach Pruett provide the very best support to our athletes to ensure their health and safety.

The strength and conditioning program teaches important life skills and character development, such as goal setting, teamwork, discipline, and strong work ethic. All to help our student-athletes achieve their true excellence in their sports and set up the healthy habits for the rest of their lives.

Athletic Facilities

BL's athletic facilities are widely considered to be among the finest in the region. They serve the entire school for physical education classes and school-wide events, along with team sports and athletic competitions of all kinds.

The Hugh E. Gelston, Jr. '56 Athletic Center (GAC) serves as our main gymnasium. This facility is comprised of a fitness room, numerous locker rooms, laundry area, coach's room, training room, and an academic classroom. The multi-functional Joseph A. W. Iglehart '10 Center on the south campus adjacent to our middle school was renovated in January 2010.

Our facilities include two Astroturf synthetic turf fields, the Hugh E. Gelston, Jr. '56 Athletic Center on the North Campus, and the multi-use Joseph A.W. Iglehart '10 Center on the South Campus.

Behind our middle school building lies the Paul Iglehart Baseball Field. We also have an additional grass field on the south side of campus used for our football and lacrosse teams.

Hall of Fame

The legacy of athletic achievement at Boys' Latin is long and distinguished. Every two years, beginning in 2006, we add another roster of legendary names to our Hall of Fame. New members are inducted during the annual BL-St. Paul's home football game. It's all part of showing our Laker pride, and thanking these men for contributing so much to our school's rich sports heritage.

Nominate someone for our hall of fame by downloading this form.

Induction Classes:


J. Edgar Tippett '12

Howard Myers '29

J. Cavendish Darrell '30

Francis S. Darrell '31

John Evans, Jr. '33

Charles M. Kelly, Jr. '33

John F. Kelly '33

Theodore E. De Disse '34

R. Warren Hammann '34

William H. Vickers '35

F. Scott Prendergast '36

Richard H. Green '36

Edgar H. Spilman '36

Joseph D. B. King '37

Lawrence P. Naylor III '37

Jack H. Williams '38

John B. Dunn III '39

George M.S. Riepe '40

Olin O. Ellis, Jr. '42

Edwin C. M. Cassard '43

Raleigh Brent '44

Robert H. Hahn '44

Harry G. Thomas, Jr. '44

J. Fred Glose '45

Donald P. Hahn '47

Joseph S. Sollers '47

Patrick H. Walker '47

Kenneth C. Miller, Jr. '48

Herbert B. Williams '51

William B. Jarrett, Jr. '52

James McC. Webster '55

J. Hyland F. Levasseur '57

Dyson P. Ehrhardt '59

William Krebs '60

Claxton J. "Okey" O'Connor


Hugh E. Gelston, Jr. '56

Thomas W. Mitchell '56

Matthew A. Toth '61

Robert E. Carter '64

Milton E. Hilliard, Jr. '64

Ronald K. Regan, Jr. '64

Austin W. Brizendine, Jr. '66

G. Douglas Hilbert '66

Bruce L. Regan '66

Frank M. Betley '72

G. Todd Guntner '72

Charles C. Stieff III '74


William E. Berndt '54

Eugene M. Fusting '62

Joseph S. Sweeny, Jr. '63

R. Bruce Fingles '64

William F. Thomas, Jr. '64

Jay Gettman '66

Stanley H. Dorney III '72

Mark G. Dorney '74

W. Brad Gano '74

Bryant Waters '74

Philip C. Federico '75

Hugh L. Andes '76


Thomas B. Peace '65

William C. Ebeling IV '71

Brandon F. Gaines '72

J. Duncan Smith '73

Michael S. Federico '76

J. Timothy Voelkel '76

Thomas O. Daly '78

Stephen M. Dubin '79

Guy J. Matricciani, Jr.,'81

John R. Ciccarone '84

Marshal D. Morgan '85

Brian M. Kowitz '87


A. Mason LeBrun '33

Richard E. Webster '59

Kevin O. Sweeny '66

James A. Cahill '72

Mark M. Deering '72

L. Myrton Gaines III '74

Craig H. Cook '78

Kenneth S. Frontain '80

Clay C. Opara '83

G. Carl Voigt '85

Jeffrey S. Ulehla '88

John M. Webster '88

The Boys' Latin School of Maryland is the state's oldest independent, non-sectarian all-boys school. For students in kindergarten through 12th grade, we provide a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum that focuses on building 21st century skills and empowers each boy to achieve his true excellence.