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Four years of robotics. Ten years of trombone. A lifetime of watching Star Wars. During his time on Lake Avenue, Josiah Bedford ('17) has been an invaluable part of both the Robotics team and the Jazz Band. A free spirit, he is seldom seen on campus without a book or his trusted ukulele in hand. To Head Robotics Coach Anne Kellerman, Josiah is a "team player" who has the ability to "write sophisticated code and to drive the robot like there is no tomorrow." Next year, Josiah brings his technological prowess, his musical talent and his wealth of Star Wars trivia to Case Western Reserve University.

Why Combine Arts & Technology?

In this digital era, the intertwinement of the arts and technology are increasingly inevitable. In preparing our boys for this ever-changing landscape, we create opportunities for mixing it up - both literally and figuratively.

We encourage integrating graphic design with the fine arts, as well as videography with the performing arts. In doing so, we also ensure our students have an appreciation for the pure forms of each visual and performing arts discipline. All to help realize the distinctive talents and boundless possibilities in each and every one of our boys.


Putting an importance on creative thinking and problem solving

Boys' Latin offers a full range of fine arts courses and co-curricular experiences at the lower, middle and upper schools to ensure our young men develop an appreciation for these art forms.

All BL students are engaged in the process of creating art in a structured environment that encourages hard work, the development of artistic skills, creative thinking and problem solving.

The content of the program draws on emotional, environmental and imaginative experiences, as well as coordinated activities with classroom teachers. Students are exposed to a wide range of art forms, including painting, drawing, printmaking, collage, ceramics and other three dimensional activities.

By the sixth grade: Students are studying fine art as a means for intellectual stimulation, to practice hand-eye coordination, and to examine the basis for creativity. Projects include learning the elements of design and drawing intensive explorations of graphite, ink, charcoal and pastels. Instruction is facilitative to allow students to be engaged and share ideas.

By the seventh grade: Courses continue with studies in design where the students learn the important skill of critique to understand how to discuss art intelligently. They continue to focus on the important skill of drawing using still-life arrangements, master copies and a progressive shift toward drawing from observation. The design process also teaches students how to plan and execute work from the 2D to 3D phase where understanding the principles and elements of design are crucial. Instruction continues to be facilitative.

By upper school: The fine arts coursework stresses the importance of understanding the basic elements of art and principles of design. We emphasize basic drawing and visual perception while tapping into a variety of mediums including conte crayon, pastel, charcoal, pencil and ink, acrylics and oils. Each successive studio course introduces more complex techniques and a greater understanding of each students' self-expression through conceptual thinking and choice of subject matter.

Countless more alumni, each intent on making a lasting mark across so many realms of human expression, all got their start at Boys' Latin.

Alfred H. Barr, Jr., an American art historian and the first director of the Museum of Modern Art was one of the most influential forces in modern art. Francis Hopkinson Smith, a best-selling author and celebrated painter served as the lead engineer who built the foundation for the Statue of Liberty. John Waters is an accomplished film director who produced Hairspray. John David Whalen, a graduate of the US Naval Academy, is an aspiring film actor.

Our Music And Performing Arts Program

Instill an appreciation for the arts in every boy

The incorporation of a strong and purposeful exposure to the performing arts from kindergarten to 12th grade helps foster both imagination and intellectual curiosity among our students.

It is also essential in helping our boys develop confidence and encourages them to challenge themselves and one another through practices and performances in front of their peers.

By exposing every student to multiple and varied areas of the performing arts, and encouraging them to stay engaged and disciplined when they find an instrument or genre that sparks their interest, we seek to instill an appreciation for the arts in every boy and nurture talent in those who want to explore a career in the field.

Starting in the lower school, our students explore music, media and art from around the world to encourage an appreciation of different cultures and to nurture their own interests and preferences. Families are welcome to take in the culmination of our students' impressive portfolios and advancements at the lower school's annual art and music show.

Our faculty frequently integrate creative, musically-based classroom activities with other core subject areas, singing, movement, performing instruments, reading, writing and composing or improvising music, as well as exploring music of various styles and cultures. Students play a role in performance-based assessment, of which there are three components: self-assessment, team assessment and individual assessment.

The study of music stresses the interrelationship of the basic components of music: pitch, duration, timbre, form, melody, harmony, rhythm and style, with a very hands-on approach to learning. Students have multiple opportunities to perform at concerts, assemblies and at mini-concerts held during recess.

Our theater arts program is dedicated to educating, supporting and inspiring each student about live theater. We encourage our students to learn how to express themselves while learning in the classroom, working in the rehearsal process, acting on the stage and managing the backstage areas.

Technology and Multimedia

At Boys' Latin, we have a history of preparing our students for the future. Every graduating class enters a world more advanced and complicated than their predecessors. Each year, our Lakers enter the workforce ready to thrive and lead.


From our use of SMART Board, tablets and laptops in classrooms to our computer labs and specialized learning experiences, the use of technology is a constant throughout Boys' Latin. You can see this in our combination of technology classes, embedded lessons, and collaborative project-based learning opportunities, which allow students to fuse 21st technology skills, such as communication, collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving and digital citizenship to practical applications.

You can also see it in how we encourage our students to use all of the wonderful new tools technology has to offer as a means of expressing and exploring their own individuality and passions. We believe that, if used properly, technology offers incredible opportunities for self-expression and creativity. We help our students explore this.

An example of our leadership in technology education is our fast-growing robotics program. Team members gain first hand experience with sensors, controls, programming, mechanisms, 3D modeling/design/printing and mobile app development. The upper school Robotics Team was established in 2007 and participates annually in the fiercely competitive FIRST FRC league. In 2008, our team placed as a finalist in the Pittsburgh regional. In 2010, they emerged as the Champions of the Chesapeake Region, thereby qualifying and later participating in the FIRST World Championship in Atlanta. The team returned to the World Championships again in 2015. The 2016 season proved to be the team's most successful to date. The team won the Excellence in Engineering Award at the FIRST Chesapeake District Northern Virginia Event, the Creativity in Engineering Award at the FIRST Chesapeake Southwest Virginia Event and were overall event champions at the Southwest Virginia event.

Several robotics team alumni are now pursuing Master's degree programs at Bucknell University and Carnegie Mellon in robotics, working on projects to design robotically controlled medical braces and humanoid robots, respectively. Another has gone on to work on ocean engineering applications at General Dynamics Electric Boat and yet another as an Imagineer at Disney.

The lower and middle schools each have Robotics programs to support the growing student interest in programming and engineering. Since 2011, the middle school robotics team has competed in the FIRST Lego League (FLL) challenge, reaching the state competition in 2012 and 2015. The lower school is piloting a program that will prepare third grade students to participate in annual Jr. FLL. challenges. Each division has dedicated lab space for robotics teams to meet, design, build and test their robots.

State of the Art Facilities

Boys' Latin's Center for Arts & Technology in the Smith Hall opened in April 2011 to provide a focal point for arts on campus with two additional art studios, dedicated gallery space to feature a variety of visiting professional artists and the ability to further integrate middle and upper school arts programs.

The facility is equipped with facilities for digital design, including studio capability to support digital imaging, animation and videography. This gives the School the updated technology needed to put their best ideas forward.

Faculty and staff have enthusiastically added new programmatic capabilities in forensic and environmental sciences, robotics, painting, ceramics, other visual arts, digital design, programming, 3D design/printing and robotics.

Center for Arts & Technology
Fine Arts/STEAM

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